Donald J. Leske II / Broker
Donald J. Leske II / Broker
*When priced at fair market value, as determined by MLS Comparative Market Analysis.

Why rental property owners often choose
BCI PROPERTIES LLC to sell their home -

 A.     We know the market better, it’s our neighborhood.J

B.     We can work with the tenant to keep them calm, you do not want a tenant to get
bad feelings or cold feet and move out. Keep the money coming in until it sells.

C.     Virtually any agent can put up a For Sale sign, list your home on the MLS and just
wait……………….until a buyer comes along. I have had TWO owners this month choose
to work with our company because their agents did nothing but waste their time. We
have already had several showings on these homes and one offer came in already.

D.    We were with John L. Scott Realty on Canyon Rd. for years and have a solid background
in sales.

E.     We have had agents irritate tenants and even tell owners they must vacate their home
to make it easier to sell. That is baloney.They just do not know how to handle tenants
properly and how to show them respect, to make the sales job go a lot easier.

F.      Some agents have actually broken the RCW Landlord Tenant Law, which has put the
owner in danger of losing a sale and getting sued. No joke, in fact it just happened again
this month when Heidi a local agent stepped on the tenant rights by demanding entry
to show the home without prior notice, the tenant was not prepared and became very
distressed. The tenant signed a formal complaint, which we are holding onto for now.
The owner fired the agent and hired us. The tenant is now happy and allowing us to
show the home when we ask.

G.    We can talk with buyers about the rental history much easier and answer their questions.
Buyers love working with us as property managers, they know we have all the answers.J

H.    We offer the current tenants “Incentives” or Perks to actually help us sell their home.
We offer CASH at the end. We offer a free U-Haul truck for moving. We have a list of about
480 rentals, with 30-40 being available at any given time, so they get their choice of available
rentals. No worries and since they will have to move anyway, they know that they are in good hands.

I.       Many buyers want your home to use as a rental, as you have done. We offer them a nice
package deal and 1st year deep discount on fees. They love that!

J.       We work with tenants to make them buyers. We work closely with JBLM/Military personal.

K.     Some owners like our “Rent-to-Own” option, as that brings in more money in the end.

L.      We can offer arate as low as 4.9%for many of our clients, whereas their ...
family or friend is at 6%.….no kidding.

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